M1 Intercarrier Business goes live with CSG Digital Wholesale

Singapore’s M1 has announced that it implemented CSG’s cloud-based Digital Wholesale solution on time and on target to streamline its intercarrier business and manage traffic, without sacrificing quality.

CSG Digital Wholesale is one of the world’s most widely deployed wholesale telecoms management systems, enabling more than 150 wholesalers to meet the needs of their customers, while simplifying relationship management. For M1, CSG Digital Wholesale will support its intercarrier business vision, helping it to drive growth and manage those all-important margins to deliver greater profitability.

Nathan Bell, Chief Digital Officer, M1

Nathan Bell, CDO at M1, said that what has impressed his company about CSG is the understanding they have of M1’s intercarrier needs, as customers move beyond basic connectivity. Bell says CSG Digital Wholesale is delivering the agility it requires to react quickly to market demands. “CSG’s hands-on support throughout our implementation and their extensive experience in revenue management represent the best-in-class solution we need to go beyond connectivity and deliver game-changing results for our wholesale customers,” he commented.

Ian Watterson, head of CSG APAC

Ian Watterson, head of CSG’s Asia-Pacific business commented that the wholesale market is key to enabling 5G strategies, but unlocking the value requires agile solutions that allow ambitious wholesalers to adapt rapidly to market needs. “CSG’s public cloud platform is enabling M1 to accelerate their digital transformation and leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to future-proof their business,” he said. “Our long-standing relationship and in-depth knowledge of M1’s business, and their customers’ needs, have been the keys to success for this implementation, ensuring business continuity and an on-time deployment.”

Watterson adds that M1 will now be able to offer made-to-measure routing and pricing for its customers, using data to understand customer needs better and react to changes faster. Real-time insights will improve business performance by delivering better understanding of potential cost savings, losses and profitability, while enabling M1 to resolve any issues before they impact their business.

M1 is using CSG’s platform for both its national and international operations, further increasing efficiency, reducing the number of routing and rating errors, and allowing it to take advantage of profitable routing opportunities as soon as they become available. Tariff-setting has also been automated, with customer-specific layouts provided along with support for easier on-the-fly rate negotiations.

Omnisperience’s View

The wholesale market is a frequently overlooked but critical component of digital experiences – particularly for business customers. Wholesale is not the market it was 10 years ago. The business has switched from voice minutes to data, and margins are far slimmer. This makes accurate margin analysis and the removal of (manual) rate errors extremely important, while intelligent routing is vital to find the optimal balance of price and quality. Meanwhile, customer expectations continue to grow and evolve.

The potential for this new generation of data-centric digital wholesalers is underlined by the sheer amount of international wholesale capacity that’s being built – from subsea to terrestrial cables. In fact the increasing reliance of businesses on digital infrastructure has driven the need for capacity to cope with data growth, to provide greater robustness and to deliver network diversity. At the same time, wholesalers are increasingly challenged with supporting their customers in providing appropriate QoS and competitive end-to-end connectivity at the right price and service level.

This is a market where CSG has a strong story. Few companies have the depth of expertise that it possesses in this area, which has been built on the acquisition of market-leading B2B solutions provider Intec over 10 years ago. Quite rightly, CSG understands that future wholesale success will entail business model change, a focus on trusted relationships and proactive alignment to evolving customer needs. Omnisperience believes the level of commercial agility and operational efficiency required for future wholesale success is going to stimulate a replacement cycle of legacy support systems; while increasing interconnectedness will make it unviable to run international and national wholesale businesses separately. CSG is one of the companies well positioned to benefit from this.

Also notable in this announcement is a customer that has a project delivered on time and to its satisfaction, which is always music to our ears.