Teoco position for 5G

Helix 11 provides support for 5G
Teoco has rolled out the latest version of its Service Assurance platform – Helix 11 – to provide support for 5G Service Assurance.
“Service assurance no longer means simply ensuring connectivity to the network user. Availability alone is no longer enough, and 5G means that specific network slices and service levels have to be met,” explained Shachar Ebel, CTO, Teoco. “The evolution of Helix reflects this new reality where service assurance needs to do so much more—integrating directly with the network, utilising machine learning to understand its performance and availability, predicting faults and degradations, and automating their resolution – all designed for infrastructure that can cope with the data sets and enormous amounts of data and complexity that 5G networks create.”
Helix 11 offers containerised remote collection agents, full NFV support, real-time monitoring of network slices, and support for autonomous closed-loop self-healing of underperforming services and parts of the network – using machine learning analytics to identify these automatically through real-time analysis of the relevant network data. It is also faster – leveraging the Apache Hadoop framework to provide faster access to all relevant network performance data, reducing service providers’ infrastructure costs whether running in a public or private cloud configuration.
The updated platform gives service providers the tools they need to automatically predict, identify and resolve service problems quickly and efficiently, fixing faults where possible, predicting outages and performance issues, and producing actionable insights that can be instantly shared with built-in support for a variety of APIs (including Apache KAFKA, REST and SNMP).
Machine learning-powered Root Cause Analysis (RCA) expands in this new release, and now offers the ability to tune and enhance the models by adding user feedback, improving insights and results.
Sentinel, Helix’s visualisation tool, has also evolved to include streamlined performance monitoring, combined with alarms and network configuration data, and improved ML-based predictions of network behaviour change.
Wind Tre expands relationship with Teoco
Meanwhile, the Italian service provider Wind Tre has extended its use of Teoco’s Helix performance management solution to its fixed and transport networks to include its converged service offering, integrated mobile and fixed telephony, and Internet services.
Wind Tre was already using Helix to deliver performance management services for its radio network. Extending its use to fixed and transport domains will substantially increase the quantity of data being processed and analysed to investigate network performance issues and to manage KPIs.
Fabio Luigi Piccini, Technology Infrastructure and Systems Director, Wind Tre commented: “We have worked closely with Teoco for more than a decade, so we’re certain that its Helix PM solution will deliver the efficiency we want, without compromising functionality. Our operational network systems will be consolidated and transformed into a future proof environment.”
Teoco’s Avi Golstein said: “Working with such a progressive converged operator will help us showcase the extensive capabilities of our Helix PM solution, including its innovative machine learning capabilities. This advanced level of automation will be instrumental in helping operators globally to deliver a differentiated service experience and prepare for 5G.”
Magenta Telekom extends its use of Teoco SmartCM
Magenta Telekom (previously T-Mobile Austria) has extended its implementation of Teoco’s SmartCM solution from 2G, 3G and 4G to cover its 5G network assets. The resulting holistic configuration management tool will deliver a vendor-agnostic centralised view of its networks.
Using this tool, Magenta Telekom will be able to automatically monitor and audit the accuracy of its network configuration, proactively highlight discrepancies and more easily reconfigure its network. The 5G features within SmartCM will deliver zero-touch process automation for network configuration.
Magenta Telekom won the Austrian network ‘Connect Test’ in 2019 and 2018 – a benchmarking award for the best performing mobile network in Austria.
“We’re proud to say that we have the best performing mobile network in Austria,” said Helmut Lehermayr, Vice President Radio & Transmission Networks, Magenta Telekom. “We have benefitted from Teoco’s expertise for a while and have been delighted with the performance of its SmartCM solution. Extending its capabilities to our 5G network was a very easy decision to make.”