Swisscom, TEOCO and ENKOM are working together to optimise Swisscom’s mobile network to support commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) traffic.

TEOCO is helping Swisscom explore the potential of its network to support U-space, a set of new services designed to ensure the safe, efficient and secure access to airspace for large numbers of UAVs.

TEOCO’s AirborneRF enables effective, mission-critical connectivity for UAVs, supporting efficient traffic management and control in the lower airspace. This includes providing risk analysis of adequate mobile network coverage in the flight planning phase to support UAVs to reach their destinations safely and securely. The solution has already been deployed by several operators around the world.

“Swisscom’s reliable and secure mobile network is ready to support UAVs,” said Rico Schwendener, Head of Innovation at Swisscom. “Our joint development cooperation will further help us provide the required levels of mobile broadband connectivity to support safe and reliable flights for UAVs, servicing a wide range of different use cases.”

Thomas Neubauer, VP Business Development at TEOCO explained that while the aviation industry considers connectivity a given, mobile networks are highly dynamic and by default not designed or optimised to support aviation. “Swisscom clearly recognises this challenge, but also understands what a great opportunity commercial UAVs can provide beyond the provision of basic connectivity,” he commented.

Posted by Morgan Lewis


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  2. […] Swisscom works with TEOCO and ENKOM to optimise network for UAV […]



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