March 2020 podzine

In this issue of our podzine we explore the impact of COVID-19 on the B2B telecoms market. The podzine is designed to be streamed or downloaded for you to listen to offline. To jump to an individual interview see the start points provided.

Omnisperience Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam and Head of Cyber Security Practice Kevin Bailey
Discuss the wide variety of impacts and their consequences.

Jump to start of interview: 1.27

Jake Levant from Lightico
Talks to Teresa about how COVID-19 is accelerating the move to a fully digital experience and shares the findings of his research on consumer expectations.

Jump to start of interview: 28.26

Thomas Neubauer and Dima Alkin of TEOCO
Discuss the impact of rising data volumes on telecoms networks, how service providers are coping and how COVID-19 is increasing the use of drones.

Jump to start of interview: 42.40

AJ Nash from Anomali
Shares with us the kind of risks that are increasing as a result of COVID-19 disruption, what Anomali has done to help keep enterprises safer, and some advice on what enterprises should be doing.

AJ Nash
Jump to start of interview: 57.39

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