Deutsche Telekom partners with Centili

Deutsche Telekom has signed a group-level carrier billing agreement with Centili, which will support direct connections to all MNOs in the group to enable customers to charge micro-purchases to their bills. This includes paying for services such as parking or in-app features in games and social networks.

“Mobility and transportation, gaming, e-publishing, vouchers, video and music on demand are just some of the areas where the demand for carrier billing is increasing,” noted Lazar Pasajlic, Regional Manager Europe at Centili.

Founded in 2011, Centili partners with 280+ MNOs and leading global and national merchants to enable micropayments, user identification and mobile engagement. It provides proprietary technology, payment tools, flows and pages, as well as operational and technical support for MNOs and merchants utilising their monetisation platform.

Teresa Cottam
Teresa Cottam

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