Telesat selects Netcracker for digital BSS

Telesat, a geostationary satellite operator, is set to launch Telesat Lightspeed, an advanced Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network that will bring high-capacity, secure, reliable and affordable broadband connectivity with low latency to enterprises and governments.

Erwin Hudson, VP LEO, Telesat

Telesat has announced that this new initiative will be supported by Netcracker’s Digital BSS/OSS software suite, which will provide sales, order management, orchestration, network management and service assurance capabilities, including converged charging and rating, product catalog, CPQ, partner lifecycle management, customer billing management and active mediation, along with resource inventory, service quality management, service orchestration and configuration management.

“The Netcracker full-stack BSS/OSS solution is optimised for global network deployments and provides the industry’s most powerful tools to quickly respond to customer needs and deliver new services to market,” said Erwin Hudson, Vice President, LEO, at Telesat. “Telesat and Netcracker share a culture of innovation, and we are confident in their ability to deliver on our vision of a flexible and efficient cloud-native technology platform that will maximize the quality of experience for our customers.”

Rohit Aggarwal, GM Netcracker

 Rohit Aggarwal, GM at Netcracker, said his company was delighted to be working on this new initiative with Telesat.