Telekom Slovenije launches Secure Web service

Telekom Slovenije has launched a new solution called Varen Splet (Secure Web) aimed at both B2B and B2C customers. The solution will work across mobile and fixed networks, as well as when customers are roaming internationally.

Varen Splet will provide DNS-based security which will protect customers from malicious links in emails and texts, as well as blocking malicious websites. B2C customers will gain new control features such as parental controls that limit access to inappropriate content or which control when a child can access the internet. They will also be protected from online fraud and the risk associated with transferring harmful software to their laptops and mobiles. They can activate the service directly from the Moj Telekom app or portal. Mobile subscribers can also opt to activate the service via text message.

Varne Poslovni Splet (Secure Business Web) will extend protection to employees wherever they’re working – at home, in the office, out in the field or away on business trips. The service is available either as a paid add-on to standard services or as part of the 360 Varni (360 Secure) premium mobile plan.

Omnisperience View

This is a great example of how a service provider can address both their B2C and B2B customers’ safety needs – especially in the era of Work Anywhere. This deal by Whalebone follows hard on the heels of its announcement of a four-country deal with United Group, further consolidating its position in Central and Eastern Europe.