United Cloud teams up with Whalebone to deliver EON Connect

The United Group’s innovation center — United Cloud — has launched a new service called EON Connect, which gives customers of SBB Serbia, Telemach Slovenia, Telemach Bosnia and Herzegovina and Telemach Montenegro greater control over their internet and added security.

EON Connect encompasses technology from Czech firm Whalebone to calculate how dangerous domains are that customers are trying to connect to. The network-based platform can then set the blocking threshold and help customers avoid malicious sites. The platform will also provide customers with additional control over their home network by enabling them to manage their devices, as well as configure rules and privileges based on a user profile. Customers can set up different rules to filter content by category – allowing customers to restrict a child’s access to social networks or certain categories of content deemed inappropriate, set limits on data usage, restrict access to the internet when it’s time to sleep or do homework, and instantly pause the internet on any device or profile.

Peter Páleš, Whalebone Telco Business Development Manager

Peter Páleš, Whalebone Telco Business Development Manager, noted that the deal was at a group level – enabling the service to launch in four countries with the prospect of it being rolled out in more countries in due course.

Omnisperience’s View

The EON Connect deal positions Whalebone as arguably the leading CCAPS vendor in Central and Eastern Europe. It continues to add new logos to its portfolio, and even has further room for expansion within this deal. Its pragmatic white-label CCAPS strategy continues to appeal to both smaller operators, as well as country operators in smaller geographies in the region. However, we see potential to apply this type of offering to other emerging markets in due course.