Telenet aims for ‘amazing customer experiences’ with the help of Sandvine

Belgium’s Telenet is driving its new “amazing customer experiences” campaign with the help of Sandvine’s Application and Network Intelligence portfolio. Using a combination of real-time data, machine learning-powered analytics, and inline actions, Telenet is creating high-quality application experiences across its networks and delivering innovative application and usage-based plans.

Telenet Group is active across Belgium and Luxembourg under the brand names Telenet, BASE and Telenet Business.

  • Telenet focuses on offering digital television, high-speed Internet and fixed and mobile telephony services to residential customers in Flanders and Brussels.
  • BASE supplies mobile telephony in Belgium.
  • Telenet Business serves the business market in Belgium and Luxembourg with connectivity, hosting and security solutions.
Bert Pelgrims, Director Core & Data Services Engineering, Telenet

The company’s Bert Pelgrims explained that the high degree of application and network intelligence his company was getting from the new Sandvine solutions not only revealed their customers actual application experience but provided the context needed to further improve and monetise services as they transitioned to 5G and expanded their cable and WiFi networks. “Our ONE-connection-total-freedom offerings —‘ONE’ and ‘ONEup’—break down the barriers between mobile and fixed data usage, so visibility across all of our network traffic, and contextual awareness about subscribers’ application experience, will help us enhance our digital services,” he said.

The multiyear deal will see Telenet utilise a range of Sandvine’s products to improve application performance across an increasingly complex multi-access network, as well as a huge range of devices, locations and, ultimately, 5G slices. While Sandvine has been a long-term partner of Telenet, this latest deal will see the Belgian CSP build on its existing investments in Sandvine’s analytics, network optimisation, and revenue generation use cases, adding:

  • ActiveLogic Hyperscale Data Plane powered by a machine learning-based traffic classification engine
  • Active Network Intelligence Portal
  • Insights Data Storage
  • Maestro Policy Engine.
Lyndon Cantor, CEO Sandvine

Lyn Cantor, CEO, Sandvine said that his company was proud to be a part of what has made Telenet a leading mobile and fixed digital services provider in its market. “By leveraging contextual and predictive analytics, as well as usage-based actions to secure and monetise applications, Telenet has been able to convert real-time data into higher quality application experiences and and revenue growth,” he noted.