Sunrise optimises WiFi in Switzerland

In order to ensure optimal in-home WiFi coverage, Swiss operator Sunrise has introduced a new AI-powered CCAPS solution called ‘Smart WiFi’, built on technology from Plume.

Sunrise had found that while 95% of Internet and WiFi users said a highly-performant WiFi connection was vital, one-fifth of users weren’t currently satisfied with their home WiFi. Sunrise says it was already offering great modems and the fastest internet access in Switzerland but decided to enhance its offer with a new Smart WiFi service to ensure users have optimal connections.

André Krause, CEO of Sunrise

André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC notes that Sunrise Smart WiFi will enable customers to surf, stream, work and play in every room at optimal speeds even in more complicated settings such as large households with several people and a larger number of connected devices.

The new service makes use of Plume’s intelligent self-optimisation technology, which through channel optimization, band control and airtime fairness ensures connections are around twice as fast as those of traditional home networks. It improves WiFi range, capacity, speed and reliability and combines with Plume’s Smart WiFi pods to ensure connectivity throughout the home. The Pods automatically build a cloud-controlled adaptive network, powered by AI. Sunrise is currently retailing these pods at CHF5 per month (EUR4.74/GBP3.98/$5.40).