Netcracker launches new Digital Platform

Netcracker has launched Netcracker Digital Platform, which it says will help CSPs accelerate new business growth in the digital economy. The platform brings together Netcracker’s existing Digital BSS and Digital OSS capabilities and add new features to support CSPs in leveraging new growth opportunities, boosting their commercial agility and optimising efficiency.

Bob Titus, CTO of Netcracker

“With Netcracker Digital Platform, we are delivering what our customers are asking for, which is a way to leverage their significant technology investments and reap the benefits of 5G and the cloud. Our solution gives them the tools and services, along with support for rich ecosystems and strong security, for them to grow their businesses while becoming more self-sufficient and fulfilling their goals of evolving from just being telecom players to becoming trusted technology partners as well.”

Netcracker says the new platform supports new 5G business models, cloud and edge technologies and enables CSPs to form deeper engagements and co-create in B2B vertical markets. The platform supports granular levels of real-time charging for any service, partner or business model, as well as in-slice and cross-slice charging. Support for ecosystem-driven business models helps CSPs create profitable value chains and become B2B2X enablers.

The platform also supports new immersive digital experiences through gamified loyalty programmes and personalised recommendations that will place CSPs at the center of the consumer digital lifestyle.

Omnisperience’s View

CSPs need the ability to charge for anything – with their systems supporting and boosting their commercial agility rather than impeding their ability to maximise opportunities. Commercial agility is the most important feature the next generation of business support systems need to deliver.

Netcracker Digital Platform represents a shift in thinking from optimising individual functions or business processes to optimising the business as a whole to support two key concepts: the customer and their needs and revenue maximisation. One of the most powerful aspects of Netcracker Digital Platform is that it delivers digital autonomy for both CSPs and their customers. As such it creates an efficient digital engine to speed commercial agility. 

To find out more about the platform and why a new approach to support systems is necessary, check out our new grey paper.