Matrixx partners with CompaxDigital

Matrixx has annouced a partnership with cloud-native BSS vendor CompaxDigital. Joining CompaxDigital’s Customer and Revenue Management solutions with the Matrixx Digital Commerce Platform creates a unified customer and revenue management and real-time converged charging offer for all lines of business and all network technologies (including 4G, 5G and fixed networks).

Marc Price, CTO Matrixx

Marc Price, CTO of Matrixx explained that CSP are becoming a critical enabler of new B2B2X offers and the partners aim to support this by delivering complementary, cloud-native capabilities that support CSP evolution – whether towards new and complex ecosystem offerings or simplified, automated customer experiences. “Real-time monetization models and digital experiences are essential as organisations around the world prepare to deliver on the promise of new 5G services,” he noted. “Together, Matrixx and CompaxDigital provide open and modern solutions that meet our customers’ unique demands for success in the 5G and cloud era, paving the way for a frictionless customer experience across consumer and enterprise markets.”

The two companies are already working with several European Tier-1 operators to deliver a scalable and repeatable blueprint for 5G business transformation and enhanced customer experience, including Telefonica Germany where they are supporting the new B2C and B2B stacks.

Robin Laliberté, SVP Global Sales, CompaxDigital

“The collaborative solution we’ve formed with Matrixx is reflective of how industry leaders want their architecture to work,” commented Robin Laliberté, SVP Global Sales at CompaxDigital. “Building a modern system requires open engagement and revenue solutions so customers can speed up their time to market with an iterative, agile delivery approach that meets their requirements across multiple lines of business. Matrixx and CompaxDigital easily integrate to support digital-first experiences.”

Omnisperience’s View

There’s a lot of talk currently about emerging digital ecosystems, but it’s important to note that they will require a completely different approach to innovation, customer support and monetisation. While models such as co-creation aren’t new, what is new is the scale at which co-creation is envisaged. In essence, co-creation is an extension of personalisation – whereby the scope of personalisation moves beyond marketing and communications to service offerings, bundles, pricing and so on. This deeper level of personalisation aligns thinking with me-commerce where the offer is all about an individual consumer or, indeed, business.

B2C concepts such as personalisation, me-commerce and what we call ‘selfie-service’ are fast coming to the B2B market. While tailoring offers is not new for enterprises, these new models open this up for the mass market of SMEs and reduce the cost and time for large enterprises. There’s also a mix-and-match element whereby small innovative companies, CSPs and large enterprises will work in an agile way together.

This move away from generic service provision is essential for CSPs seeking to build value and avoid bit-pipe status. The question is whether CSPs, and their infrastructure, are ready.