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As the cost of cyberinsurance soars, a new opportunity is opening up for CSPs

CSPs have an opportunity to reduce risk with CCAPs and partner with insurers

Yoigo launches new cybersecurity service

Based on technology from Swedish firm Eyeonid.

Requirements for User Isolation Protection

Includes a new Green Paper and vendor directory

Ransomware is on the rise – increasing the need for UIP and Data Recovery

How can organisations protect themselves from ransomware attacks and recover when they are attacked?

Why telecoms firms should be wary of Eventbot

EventBot targets banks, money transfer services and the wider business community

Cyber Security 2020

Why this year’s industry predictions will be repetitive, uninspiring and just plain noise

Security update: quantum security rises up agenda for telcos

QKD rises up agenda as the ITU announces a new standard for QKD networks; BT launches QKD network; SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom invest in IDQ; and more countries join EU’s Open QKD Project.

Cyber security rises up the agenda for SMEs

A need for compliance plus an increasing threat profile means SME security is a great opportunity for B2B service providers

Continuous cyber-attacks remind companies there's an ever-wider range of enemies to protect against

Raises question: who is looking after your best interests?

Security focus: Australia mooting new strategy after rise in breaches

But minister still urges Facebook to create back doors