Yoigo launches new cybersecurity service

Yoigo has launched a new digital ID protection service called Cybersecurity x10, based on technology from Swedish firm Eyeonid. The service allows users to monitor telephone numbers, email accounts, their ID and debit and credit cards, to protect them from ID theft.

Yoigo is part of the Masmovil Group, which offers fixed telephony, mobile, and Internet services to residential customers, companies and operators in Spain through its main brands: Yoigo, Masmovil, Pepephone, Llamaya, Lebara, Lycamobile and Hits Mobile. The Group has more than 11.3 million customers.

Yoigo’s new service is available to all its customers, and includes comprehensive protection against ID theft, including insurance from Caser to protect against damages, losses and liabilities. The service monitors up to 10 accounts per customer, which could be individual telephone numbers, email accounts, IDs, credit and debit cards etc. It warns the customer if their information is held anywhere where there has been a security breach and recommends appropriate actions. The service is offered free of charge for the first month and charged at EUR3 per month thereafter.

In Spain alone it is estimated that 2.2 million people have been the victims of  identity theft. On average it takes a victim 5.4 months to realise they’ve been affected, and in 24% of cases it results in financial losses. 

Jacobo Gálvez, marketing director of Grupo Masmovil, commented: “Digital ID theft is becoming more frequent and serious in Spain. At Yoigo we have the job of not only providing telecommunications services to our clients, but also of making their life on the internet easier and safer ”.

Omnisperience View

This new service from Yoigo is part of a growing trend for digital service providers to add cybersecurity services to their core offering. This is a type of value-added service that Omnisperience calls Network Plus services. These services are closely related to the network, adding value to it. In the case of cybersecurity services, a range of vendors are now offering different parts of what we call CCAP services – connected customer assurance and protection. Such services are complementary to enterprise cybersecurity and address the growing needs of individuals, households and small businesses to secure their digital life and the smart lifespaces in which they live. Digital service providers are ideally placed to deliver these capabilities as a service to their customers.

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