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Episode 7 – Customer Experience Focus

Capita’s Alan Linter talks call centres, CX innovation and metrics |Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam introduces the new customer experience category DCES|Conversity’s Haj Muntz talks about why it’s so important to pay attention to buying and onboarding |Verizon’s Radha Sankaran discusses how Verizon is innovating CX |

Trusted Home now available for cable operators

CCAPS partners Irdeto and Minim roll out comprehensive new offering aimed at cable market

Want to optimise the digital experience? You better pay attention to the small print

Lightico brings out new offering to improve the process of communicating T&Cs

The insanity of 5G

Or what we haven’t learnt from 3G and 4G

Cerillion rolls out raft of new features

New version of Cerillion will be based on Microsoft Azure and provide new analytics and customer communication features, as well as support for new business models

The need for speed in customer experience

Customer experience bottlenecks still throttling good digital experience

The Bill is Dead: Long Live the Bill!

CSPs are facing huge changes in technology, customer expectations and market segmentation so why are so many customers still receiving a bill that’s essentially the same as it was ten years ago?

Business in the New Normal: New customer expectations require new digital experiences

New packages, prices and lots of change make customer communications more important than ever

B2C – why there’s no such thing (and what you need to do about it)

With a complimentary Green Paper on the emerging Lifespace opportunity

Openet launches Real time Care Insights

Partners with Salesforce to create new Salesforce native solution