MEO launches cybersecurity service powered by Allot

MEO, a brand of Altice Portugal, has launched MEO Net Segura, a network-based zero-touch, clientless cybersecurity and parental controls service powered by Allot NetworkSecure.

Net Segura will protect MEO customers against cybersecurity threats, including malware, phishing, ransomware and cryptomining, while also providing configurable parental controls that ensure kids only view appropriate content. The service won’t require customers to install, download, configure or update anything, and will be complemented by Allot EndpointSecure which will provide cybersecurity to devices even when they’re off the MEO network.

One interesting feature of the service is that customers will receive MEO-branded activity reports and real-time security alerts. These offer an additional customer touch point to strengthen brand loyalty.

Allot has been steadily growing its cybersecurity business and now protects more than 20 million subscribers globally. Its service provider customers have seen adoption rates of up to 50% for its white label network-based security service. In addition to the solution, Allot also provides marketing capabilities to support the launch of the cybersecurity solution – maximising success for its clients.

“Our NetworkSecure solution provides a unique set of consumer engagement tools and zero-effort, clientless subscriber onboarding that encourage high adoption rates and drive increased ARPU and brand loyalty,” said Amir Oren, VP Sales EMEA at Allot. “This is a win-win solution for MEO and their customers, where subscribers receive the cybersecurity services they want and MEO gains a valuable new revenue stream.”

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