Allot expands cybersecurity offering with DNS Secure

Allot has announced a new component of its cybersecurity suite – DNS Secure – which is designed for CSPs that want to deploy a security solution primarily for fixed broadband subscribers. The solution offers protection against a broad range of cyber threats, including malware and phishing, as well as content filtering. It can be provided by CSPs either as a standalone solution or combined with other solutions in the Allot Secure portfolio such as HomeSecure, NetworkSecure and EndpointSecure.

Unlike enterprise cybersecurity solutions, Allot’s offering is designed to be supplied by CSPs as revenue-generating services to their SME, micro and nanobusiness customers and households.

Mark Shteiman, VP Product Management, Allot

The new DNS Secure solution incorporates technology from OX PowerDNS via a partnership with Open-Xchange to license and integrate this technology. Mark Shteiman, VP of Product Management at Allot explained: “The agreement with Open-Xchange enhances the Allot cybersecurity portfolio with an additional high-quality product. It gives Allot the flexibility to address the needs of CSPs that want to provide additional cyber protection measures to their customers.”

Germany-based Open-Xchange (OX) is a developer of secure and open communication and office productivity software, IMAP server software and DNS solutions. Its software is used by 200 million people globally and it has offices in Finland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and the USA.

More details about Allot DNS Secure can be found here.