Business update: Netcracker goes from strength to strength

When a business announces double digit growth you have to conclude they’re getting something right.

This is the happy situation BSSOSS vendor Netcracker finds itself in, reporting dozens of BSS and OSS deals ranging from huge transformations all the way through the spectrum to relatively modest deals, and with a healthy mix of new business and contract renewals.

While the company doesn’t publicly announce its deal volume, or necessarily the logos of its deals, a quick review of its press releases in the first half of 2021 reveals:

Along with du, Dish, Telesat, Etisalat, other big deals previously announced include Vodafone and Viasat. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, however, with dozens of other BSS and OSS deals signed during 2020-21. Its successes include strategic transformation deals, multi-cloud operations and turnkey delivery.

Ari Banerjee, SVP Strategy, Netcracker

According to Netcracker’s Ari Banerjee, SVP Strategy, Netcracker is ideally placed for a number of reasons. “Our long history of being ahead of the technology curve, our ability to provide our customers with the products and services for them to remain competitive in their markets and our expertise in helping customers branch out into new lines of business are part of our success factors. This includes a focus on building a cloud-native platform, supporting open standards, working on 5G solutions and supporting Agile and DevOps processes,” he told Omnisperience.