Orange Jordan boosts WiFi connectivity with help from SoftAtHome

Service providers worldwide are working hard to meet customers’ expectations of in-home WiFi connectivity – something that became increasingly pressing in 2021 due to the effects of the Covid pandemic. Orange Jordan, for example, has just boosted its WiFi offering with technology from SoftAtHome. CEO Thierry Marigny explains: “Users in Jordan are increasingly demanding a faster and more reliable connection, and as a responsible digital leader, we continue offering optimal digital solutions to provide users with the best Wi-Fi experience.”

Thierry Marigny, CEO Orange Jordan

The latest addition to Orange Jordan’s Connected Customer Assurance and Protection Services (CCAPS) offering is technology from SoftAtHome, whose Wifi’ON solution equips the new gateway and repeaters launched by Orange Jordan. Thanks to SoftAtHome’s smart Wi-Fi extenders, better WiFi channel selection, and increased performance through WiFi steering, Orange Jordan’s subscribers can now benefit from great coverage and speed throughout their homes – eliminating WiFi blackspots and slowdowns to deliver the sort of experience customers expect when working from home, playing online games, or watching high-resolution content.

David Viret-Lange, CEO SoftAtHome

David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome, emphasised that changing behaviour in the household means that higher quality WiFi solutions are now expected by customers. He said his company was “very proud” to have helped Orange Jordan with their new gateway and repeater launch and looked forward to a successful relationship.

SoftAtHome is an independent software provider with six different solutions for broadband (Connect’ON), Wi-Fi (Wifi’ON), Security (Secure’ON), Smart Home (Things’ON), video (Watch’ON), analytics, and QoE monitoring (Eyes’ON). Its main shareholder is Orange.