Global Message Services drives business growth with CSG’s Digital Wholesale Platform

The international messaging service provider GMS has adopted CSG’s Digital Wholesale Platform to boost efficiency and scale its business.

Headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, GMS is an international messaging service and CPaaS vendor, providing a single access point for messaging traffic exchange between mobile operators and enterprises. It optimises MNOs’ P2P and P2A interworking while enhancing enterprises’ A2P messaging traffic management by enabling them to unify customer communications via a single API and self-service platform. This makes it easy to send and receive messages across multichannel touchpoints – including SMS, Push, Viber, WhatsApp, and RCS. 

Oleksandr Panov, CFO, GMS

“At GMS, we aspire to deliver impactful value that sparks growth for more than 900 mobile partners as we continue our journey to become the leader for trusted and transparent messaging worldwide,” commented Oleksandr Panov, chief financial officer. “CSG’s platform provides the versatility to deliver best-of-breed services to our customers and partners. With CSG, we’ve modernised the way we collect data from the network and have injected the agility and scalability we need to react to emerging business opportunities quickly.” 

CSG’s Digital Wholesale Platform is part of the company’s Revenue & Customer Management suite. It helps CSPs simplify wholesale relationship management and seamlessly manage growing transaction volumes – capturing and processing customer usage events of any kind. CSG has a long-standing track record of delivering wholesale solutions to support trading, routing, QoS assurance, billing and settlement. Its platform will enable GMS to transform the way it connects the mobile messaging ecosystem, as well as its traffic processing performance, delivering more flexible billing cycles.

James Kirby, SVP and Head of EMEA, CSG

“Few markets are as competitive as wholesale telecom,” notes James Kirby, Head of EMEA CSG, “and with players and partners constantly in flux, ambitious messaging service providers such as GMS need the agility to adapt and develop as fast as the market. Our Digital Wholesale Platform will enable GMS to accelerate their digital transformation and provide them with the flexibility and scalability they need to future-proof their business and enter new markets.”