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Three trials low power IoT network in the UK

As Three UK enter the LPWAN market, what options do enterprises have?

Market transitions wait for no one

Are you ready for the next secular growth opportunity?

UK Government invests in smart waste

Technology including blockchain, QR codes and sensors will be utilised in the new solution

New £1.5 billion framework announced by MoD

Framework will last 3-5 years for MoD digital and IT programmes

KPMG moves beyond mobile

Tells employees to hand back mobiles

Computer Confidential

Confidential Computing Consortium take on the challenge to secure data in use

Telecoms firms warn of barriers to full fibre infrastructure in UK

Industry points out problems with ambitious government plans

Tech M snaps up Dynacommerce

Adds omnichannel solution to its expanding portfolio

How is digital transformation affecting the bill?

How can service providers meet the needs of new customer expectations – free report.

PWC sounds the death knell of the fixed line phone business

PWC announces it will move from using desktop phones to mobiles. This highlights a growing trend of fixed-mobile substitution which B2B providers need to respond to.