Contact details:

Website: Softex

CEO: Ian Sparling

For more information contact: Ian Lindsay

Overview of Soft-ex

Soft-ex is a vendor of digital customer communications software and part of the WidePoint Group which provides managed mobility solutions, telecom lifecycle management and identity management solutions.

Soft-ex’s heritage is in B2B digital bill presentment and analytics, so it understands the complexity of presenting complex billing information or enterprises and SMEs. It has subsequently branched out into the B2C space.

Soft-ex’s solution is cloud-based and can therefore sit above any legacy billing engine(s) to deliver consolidated interactive digital bills across any combination of services – IoT, wireless, wireline, PABX, Internet, TV, Home Security etc. It is billing engine agnostic and it has experience of working with many of the legacy billing vendors. The company’s analytics capabilities deliver both insight to end users and subscriber data intelligence to the digital service provider.

Soft-ex is based in Dublin, Ireland and was acquired by Fairfax, Virginia based WidePoint in 2014. The WidePoint group had revenues of USD102 million in FY2019, after revenue growth of 22%. Soft-ex’s customers include Telefonica, BT, Telia and KPN.

Billing technology focus

  • Billing mediation
  • Rating
  • Bill calculation & generation
  • Realtime charging
  • Bill presentment & customer communications
  • Financial reconciliation
  • B2B invoicing
  • Other enabling technology

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