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UK customers still not optimising spend on streaming

Research reveals divide between number of subscriptions and usage

It’s not subscribers that are the problem Netflix, you’re just bad at bundling, pricing and charging

Teresa Cottam looks at how streaming media providers still haven’t grasped the need for more customer-centric approaches to pricing

Vodafone NZ modernises with Matrixx

IBM Consulting and Matrixx will help Vodafone NZ consolidate and replace charging system

Hutchison’s CKH IOD enhances support for MVNOs and IoT firms with help from CSG

CKH IOD talks about the importance of flexible and agile BSSOSS in supporting their wholesale, MVNO and IoT ambitions

Matrixx partners with CompaxDigital

Matrixx and CompaxDigital unite to support new complex B2B charging models and emerging ecoystems

Are UK CSPs ready for changes in billing and notification requirements?

Over the next 12 months UK customers will get new rights that affect key processes such as billing and termination. But will the industry grasp the opportunity to transform their relationship with customers or do the bare minimum to comply?

Telstra extends relationship with Matrixx to 5G

Telstra will use Matrixx’s Digital Commerce Platform for both 4G and 5G across wholesale, enterprise and consumer segments – including IoT.

As Vodafone Business taps Oracle for IoT monetisation we ask: what is needed for successful IoT commercialisation?

Commercially successful IoT will be highly dependent on getting the billing and charging right

Wind Tre opts for Ericsson BSS

Italian operator begins 5G monetisation phase

Zain Iraq launches oodi

New digital brand from Zain Iraq is powered by Matrixx Software